Infectious Disease Modeling

This research focuses on integrating tools from epidemiology, statistics, evolutionary ecology, economics and other fields in order to generate novel predictions of the impact of public health interventions.



CIDMA - Center for Infectious Disease Modeling and Analyses

The goal of our research is to optimize the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of vaccination strategies and other health...


Transmission Dynamics of Enteric Diseases 

Mathematical modeling of the transmission dynamics of enteric and imperfectly immunizing infections.


Weinberger Lab

Our research focuses on the mechanisms driving the observed epidemiological patterns of respiratory infections, particularly pneumococcal disease and RSV.

Cohen lab image

Cohen Lab

Multidisciplinary approaches to the global effort to control tuberculosis (TB) and HIV.

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Public Health Modeling Concentration

Open to all MPH students, a certificate program in systems-based methods and applications to public health.