More Student Organizations

American College Of Healthcare Executives (ACHE)

The Yale American College of Healthcare Executives is a student organization for those interested in hospital management, healthcare consulting, or administrative leadership in other healthcare industries. ACHE is an international professional society of more than 35,000 healthcare executives who lead hospitals, healthcare systems and other healthcare organizations. The Yale ACHE Chapter is dedicated to provide aspiring healthcare executive students with information about the healthcare industry, from possible career paths to current best practices in hospitals. We also organize networking opportunities with nearby Connecticut healthcare companies, hospitals, and other students interested in careers in healthcare administration.

Contact: Drew Peterson

American Public Health Association (APHA) – Yale Chapter

The Yale Chapter of the American Public Health Association strives to connect Yale students interested in taking part in the APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition with the necessary resources, including coordination of transportation and lodging. In addition to networking events with the other national and state APHA chapters, the Yale student group helps organize Public Health Week, a campus-wide week of lectures, discussions, and community outreach.

Contact: Trina Tan

Anti-Violence Coalition

The Anti-Violence Coalition’s mission is to raise the awareness of Yale university as it pertains to intimate partner violence issues including but not limited to domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. AVC works to get at the core of these issues- addressing patriarchy, rape culture in hopes to change the dialogue and promote healthy respectful relationships.

Contact: Dan Wald

Biostatistics Student Association (BSA)

The Biostatistics Student Association is a student organization of Yale Biostatistcs Department, aiming to provide opportunities for students of the department to establish a sense of community, explore academic and career options, and promote the interests of the discipline. We host faculty talks to discuss their current research, invite seminar speakers to hear more about real-world biostatistics, and hold student gatherings to promote community as we learn from each other’s academic experiences.

Contact: Zhixuan Fu

Dean's Community Connections Committee

The Dean’s Community Connections Committee, made up of students, faculty & staff, identifies and creates opportunities for the school to engage in efforts benefiting the greater New Haven community. We are also responsible for promoting a sense of community and inclusion throughout YSPH. We host all-school Happy Hours, run food drives and other benefits to raise money or items for local charities, plan events for National Public Health Week, and so much more! C3 generally meets monthly during the lunch hour, alternating days of the week.

Contact: Kelly Edwards

Emerging Majority Students Association

EMACYinka Taiwo-Peters '14, Musleehat Hamadu '14, Chelsea Doub '14, Meley Woldeghebriel '15  and Camille Pottinger '15, all members of the Emerging Majority Student Association - YSPH, attend a reception held by Yale-New Haven Hospital's Minority Organization for Retention and Expansion (MORE) for faculty, residents and medical students.

The Emerging Majority Students Association is committed to creating and fostering a sense of community among minority students and students interested in the promotion of diversity and inclusion at YSPH. Our three-fold mission is to: 

1) serve as a platform for voicing the concerns and interests of minority students at YSPH, 

2) promote a multicultural professional and academic environment that enables us to address the health issues of minorities in the field of public health with an emphasis on the New Haven community, and 

3) collaborate with admissions toward raising the level of underrepresented minority student recruitment, admission, and retention at YSPH.

Contact: Yinka Taiwo

Epidemiology Journal Club

The YSPH Epidemiology Journal Club began last fall with the support of the CDE and EMD faculty. Faculty members facilitated discussion on an article of their choice at each of these meetings. Journal Club sessions provide a unique opportunity for faculty and students to discuss public health issues and epidemiologic methods in an interactive and casual environment by encouraging students and faculty to engage in conversation that may not be possible in a classroom setting. This type of informal exchange fosters intellectual growth by exposing students to essential pieces of literature in the field of Public Health, and also allows for faculty and students to interact as peers. The Journal Club benefits the YSPH community by offering a scholarly extracurricular event that is able to bridge student and faculty communication.

Contact: Ranjit Dhaliwal

Neighborhood Health Project

Neighborhood Health Project (NHP) is a student-run free clinic that provides screening for hypertension and diabetes. We offer blood pressure and blood glucose level checks, healthcare and lifestyle counseling, and resources for seeking low-cost primary care. In the fall, we run a free flu vaccine clinic. Furthermore, plans for Fall 2012 include incorporating new collaborations to provide nutrition counseling for our patients.

Our mission is to provide health screening and education and to improve access to healthcare for low-income patient populations. We also aim to educate and train future healthcare professionals in the practice of medicine and community health. We partner with and operate alongside of the Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry in New Haven. Working with us is a wonderful opportunity to interact with and educate underserved patients, improve your physical exam skills and learn one-on-one from faculty mentors.

Contact: Krysta Peterson

Out in Public

Out in Public is YSPH's LGBTQ student group. We are dedicated to providing a space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, otherwise identifying, and allied students to connect both socially and professionally, and engaging in education and advocacy about LGBTQ health issues at YSPH and in the broader New Haven community

Contact: Shae Selix

Refugee Match Program

The Refugee Match Program is a group of medical professional students who are matched to  recently arrived refugees who are resettling in the New Haven area. Students work with families to assist in various resettlement issues. We have group cultural events all year long. We place students in groups and match them to families or individuals and ask that each volunteer meets with their matched refugee(s) at least once per month, preferably once every two weeks.

Contact: Kelsey Schuder

Sandy Hook Task Force

Members of the YSPH student body formed the Sandy Hook Task Force to mobilize Yale’s collective voice around the many public health issues magnified by the December 14th elementary school shooting in Newtown, CT. This action-, research- and advocacy-oriented task force that will be at the helm of keeping track of current efforts across the university as well as planning events and opportunities to narrow the gap between class work and research; public health theory and practice; and what happens in the Ivy Towers and the legislative discourse that impacts communities, including our own. This will include: 

  • Organizing a Yale School of Public Health-hosted, multidisciplinary forum on the public health agenda on gun violence 
  • Advocating for policy changes at the Connecticut state level
  • Connecting with public health officials in Newtown and Connecticut state to learn about the local public health response to the events at Sandy Hook and lessons learned 
  • Compiling research findings on gun violence and public health impacts 
  • And more!

Contact: Ffyona Patel

Universities Allied for Essential Medicines

Universities Allied for Essential Medicines is an international non-profit organization dedicated to lowering costs and increasing access to life-saving medications for the poorest people in the world. Founded at Yale in 2001, UAEM works with university, federal, and international policy in order to help clear the way for easier access to these truly essential medications. At Yale, our chapter is dedicated to making sure that Yale’s great medical contributions, especially those targeting neglected tropical diseases are licensed in a way that creates sustainable cost solutions for those who live on the least. We also promote and bring light to initiatives in neglected disease research within and outside of the school of public health. This year is a big PR year for us, and we can use your help!

Contact: Justin Mendoza

World AIDS Week

We plan a series of events for the week around World Aids Day (December 1st) filled with different programs in collaboration with Yale College and other graduate schools. We meet weekly for an hour. This is a great way to meet other Yale Grad students as well as get involved in the community! Past events include: Aids Quilt making, Candlelight Vigil, Speakers, and Flash Mob.

Contact: Jasmin Harpe

Yale Black Graduate Community

The Black Graduate Community is a group that is designed to increase the dialogue among black students at Yale, and to facilitate communication and support of events from black student organizations. The group is headed up by the black graduate leadership council, who meet monthly to plan large scale cross-campus events. The first event will be a kick-off party on September 7th at GPSCY. Visit the Facebook page: Yale Black Graduate Community!

Contacts: Brigette Davis and Shantal Savage

Yale Health Professionals’ Christian Fellowship

The Yale Health Professionals' Christian Fellowship is a student-run interdenominational Christian fellowship comprised of students from Yale's Nursing, Public Health, Medicine, and Physician Associates programs, united by our common desire to know Jesus Christ and to apply our faith in the health professions. We aim to do this through Bible study, fellowship, evangelism, community service, and engaging in public discourse on bioethics and the practice of health care. We welcome those who are just beginning to explore questions of faith and those who desire to continue to apply their faith during their time at Yale and in New Haven. 

Contact: Regina Edifor

Yale Health Screening (YHS) @ The Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen (DESK)

Yale Health Screening (YHS) @ the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen (DESK) is a studentrun volunteer group that offers free hypertension (high blood pressure) and diabetes screening in conjunction with DESK in New Haven, CT. In addition to blood pressure and blood sugar checks, our volunteers educate on hypertension and diabetes management, distribute hygiene supplies, and provide information on how to obtain low-cost primary care in New Haven.

YHS volunteers are students from the Yale health professional schools - including the medical school, nursing school, physician associate program, and public health school - as well as undergraduates from Yale College. We ask that our volunteers commit to two 1-hour shifts per month. New volunteers are

required to participate in a training session at the start of the semester. By volunteering at DESK, you will provide much-needed services to the greater New

Haven community, learn and practice clinical skills (e.g., taking blood pressure/blood sugar, educating patients), and interact with Yale students outside of your program. No prior experience is necessary.

Contact: YHS @ DESK


YSP[Hack] is a member-run club that acts as a support system for learning various computer programming languages. The goals of YSP[Hack] are to learn different coding languages in a friendly and collaborative environment, to be a motivating community in order to stay on top of assignments, and a place to discuss current events regarding data science. 

Contact: Shae Selix and Samantha Emanuele

YSPH International Community (YSPH-IC)

The YSPH International Community was created in November 2012. YSPH-IC has the objectives of providing support for admitted and incoming international students; linking public health students with the wider international population at Yale; and facilitating discussions among students, scholars and faculty regarding current global health issues. The group is built on the belief that YSPH deeply cares about creating the best academic and professional experience for all of its students and—as international students—we want to give back to our school by functioning as a bridge between YSPH and our countries and regions of origin. Potential future events include a mixer with faculty and staff, a multicultural evening and potluck dinner, and the organization of community service projects. To stay updated on our current events or post anything you find of interest in regards to this group, please visit our Facebook page at:

Contact: Andrea Alvarez

YSPH Basketball "The Fighting Squalri"

A group of us consistently play basketball for a couple hours 2-3 times a week throughout the year! It's a co-ed group. In the winter season, we will be playing in the grad school IM league again. If you are interested in checking it out, contact us!

Contact: Christina Mainero

YSPH Team Outbreak - IM Softball

Fall and Spring IM softball for 5 weeks each term! Low-key. Maybe we can get out some grills for the games and head to the batting cages a bit this year too! Games usually occur on Saturdays or Sundays for an hour or two for 5 weeks of regular season play!

Contacts: Christina Maineroand Raj Kumar