Global Health Seminar

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Global Health Seminar

The Global Health Seminar is a year-long, weekly elective course intended for students in the health professions to develop an understanding of key aspects of global health research and practice. The course features faculty from across the health professional schools and other global health experts from around the world. Its participatory and collaborative nature provides a rich environment for interdisciplinary dialogue. The goal of the course is for students to attain a good understanding of key issues upon which they may base future research, service, and clinical pursuits in the field of global health. The objectives of the course are for students to:

  • Analyze current global health challenges taking into consideration their social, political, economic, legal, and human rights dimensions
  • Evaluate and discuss responses to global health needs by integrating information provided by invited speakers and skills from this seminar as well as those from other courses taken at respective programs
  • Assess the global health governance infrastructure and understand the importance of international collaboration
  • Explain and propose solutions for addressing ethical challenges and issues of feasibility in implementing health interventions
  • Develop skills to collaborate with health professionals working in clinical medicine, nursing, and public health by engaging in a participatory learning environment with invited speakers and Yale faculty, staff, and students
  • Discuss challenges and opportunities of professional development, both in terms of potential pathways and essential values in global health

The Global Health Seminar is a requirement for students in the Global Health Concentration at the Yale School of Public Health (YSPH) and for students in the Certificate in the Science and Practice of Medicine in the Global Context at the Yale School of Medicine (YSM).  In addition to faculty advisors from the School of Medicine, Nursing, Public Health and Physician Associate Program, a program manager from YSPH supports the Seminar. 

Historically, the Global Health Seminar has also been led by strong student input and engagement and is supported by a student-leadership team representing all the health professional schools. The student leadership team forms annually in the fall from interested students who have participated in the course. This team is part of the Global Health Working Group (GHWG), a group of students from all the health professional schools.  The GHWG is composed of the Student Coordinator for Global Health (representing YSM’s Office of International Medical Student Education) and the student leadership groups for the Global Health Seminar and Topics in Global Medicine course. The GHWG meets several times per semester to coordinate the two courses.

The Global Health Seminar contains two components: thematic lectures and a module.  Over the course of the fall semester, lectures will focus on global health history and architecture and advocacy. The module will focus on neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).  For each class, 1 - 2 readings will be posted on classes V2 prior to each session.  Students are encouraged to read the articles and articulate questions and ideas for class discussion.  After each session, students can learn more about the invited lecturer and their career path over an informal dinner.  The success of each session is dependent upon active participation and interaction. 
Modules are designed as a series of consecutive sessions, coordinated by a faculty member, that delve into a particular topic in greater detail.  These sessions require more engaged student participation and discussion and are meant to provide a more in-depth learning experience under the guidance of an expert in the field. 

Lecture Day/Time:     Mondays 5:30 – 7:00PM
Location:                    Hope, Rm 110 (Nov. 9, 2015 seminar will be in Hope 216)


The GH Seminar is open to the general public. ONLY those required to take the course for a global health concentration/certificate credit should register for the course.

Module Poster
The Global Health seminar splits its time between thematic lectures and modules that delve into particular areas relevant to working in the field of global health. The work of the modules culminates in student projects. 2012’s module for teaching advocacy and activism was featured in a poster presentation at the Consortium of Universities for Global Health conference in March 2103. The theme for projects was Women’s Health and Justice and groups.