Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

In 2009 a committee of the Yale School of Public Health Alumni Association, the Emerging Majority Affairs Committee (EMAC), provided a report - Investigating Policies and Procedures for Recruiting, Retaining, and Promoting Underrepresented Minority Faculty at Yale School of Public Health. Utilizing this report best practices have been implemented. The report concluded that “the efforts towards increasing the diversity within the ranks of the current and future faculty at Yale School of Public Health serve as a testament to the School’s commitment to improve the quality of education for the student body and faculty”.

The report’s recommendations have been vigorously taken forward by the YSPH Diversity Committee, whose own plan, the Diversity and Inclusive Status Report (DISR), was developed in-step with the EMAC report to explicitly address many of the study’s recommendations, and indeed now embraces new work to foster respect for all people – faculty, students and staff - within our community.

The YSPH Dean, faculty, staff and Alumni Board have taken significant steps to integrate diversity across the School In order to achieve our goals. An iterative management tool has been developed – the Diversity and Inclusion Status Report – to ensure the achievement of structural and cultural change across the School. Among the initiatives listed within the DISR is an explicit requirement for the School to mainstream diversity within policy development and throughout its strategic planning processes. As a result, diversity is now an established priority of the Dean’s five-year Revitalization Plan for growth and development.

The YSPH community has adopted a set of goals in order to have an outstanding and diverse School of Public Health. They are:

1. Enhance recruitment practices to ensure an optimal number of diverse candidates apply for faculty, staff, and student positions.
2. Include diversity representatives on each faculty search committee and a diversity representative on the MPH admissions team.
3. Improve local visibility and interest from young, underrepresented minorities.
4. Establish and institute individual one-on-one mentoring for current and new faculty members.
5. Promote and improve networking among new faculty, staff, and students to integrate new community members and create a strong community at YSPH.
6. Improve the retention and advancement of faculty, staff, and students at YSPH.
7. Train faculty, staff, and students on issues around diversity and inclusion.
8. Provide a culture and environment that fosters diversity and inclusion and gives diverse faculty, staff, and students a voice.

The Diversity and Inclusion Status Report provides the framework for our work. Concurrent with this report, over the past three years we have strengthened linkage with Yale’s central Office of Diversity & Inclusion, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, and a growing number of cross-campus diversity interests.

We are now in a position to establish and monitor objectives that will continue to support the School to achieve broad definitions of diversity, while giving focus to our organizational and policy efforts to increase the participation of scholars from underrepresented backgrounds. Help us to succeed in making YSPH an exciting and diverse community for everyone. Please send comments and ideas.

2019-2020 Committee:

  • Trace Kershaw - Chair, 2010, 2012 (SBS)
  • Dawn Carroll, 2013 (Alumni Affairs)
  • Forrest Crawford, 2019 (BIS)
  • Melanie Elliot, 2013 (Graduate Programs)
  • Abby Friedman, 2014 (HPM)
  • Dana Greene, 2013 (CDE)
  • Michael Greenwood, 2015 (Communications)
  • Robert Heimer (EMD)
  • Melinda Irwin, 2016 (CDE)
  • Mary Keefe, 2011 (Admissions)
  • Tassos Kyriakides, 2014 (Alumni Affairs)
  • Yousef Ransome, 2018 (SBS)                  
  • Alyson Zeitlin, 2013 (Faculty and Staff Affairs)
  • Tanya Yajnik (Student)
  • Margaret Pichardo (Student)
  • Bethe Teshome (Student)
  • Jonathan Williams (Student)
  • Helen Moore (Student)
  • Mike Yepes (Student)