Bring Your Own Campaign
In order to reduce the community’s reliance on disposable items in 2018, YSPH Sustainability partnered with Sheridan Finnie (MPH ’18), the Yale Office of Sustainability, and the SWAY student group to introduce a school-wide implementation of reusable food eco-containers and utensils.

We envision a YSPH in which the integral relationship between sustainability and health is seamlessly incorporated into our teaching, research, practice, operations and culture.

YSPH Sustainability Vision

Yale School of Public Health Sustainability Action Plan 2017-2025

Public Health and sustainability are inextricably linked. The tenets of sustainability at Yale encompass ecosystem health, human health, and economic viability. Human health is directly impacted by our natural and built environments. Air pollution may cause respiratory diseases, access to nutritious food and physical activity may alleviate the burden of some chronic diseases, and climate change will affect human ecosystems, such as causing vector-borne diseases to be more widespread. YSPH faculty, staff and students also conduct innovative research on health care policy and cost-effectiveness. The current economic landscape of healthcare in the United States and around the globe will likely face greater challenges stemming from environmental impacts of human activity if actions to mitigate or adapt do not take place. As global environmental crises worsen and demand on resources increase, public health research and education must remain at the forefront.

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The YSPH Sustainability Committee is made up of staff, faculty and students and seeks to serve the YSPH community’s sustainability needs. It dedicates resources towards meeting current sustainability goals and sets the vision for the future of YSPH sustainability. For more information or to get involved, contact the YSPH Sustainability Committee co-chairs, Robert Dubrow or Heidi Richard.