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Title People Keywords Description
The Genetics of Asthma - Frontiers for Treatment and Prevention Andrew Dewan Genetics of Asthma, Asthma, Risk of asthma, Susceptibility, Risk Featuring Andrew Dewan, Associate Professor, Department of Chronic Disease Epidemiology speaking about genetics and asthma
Evidence-Based Medicine and the State of Medical Research Michael Bracken Systematic review, meta-analysis, traditional review, bias, research, publication, Evidence-Based Medicine, State of Medical Research Featuring Michael Bracken, Susan Dwight Bliss Professor of Epidemiology; Speaks about how systematic reviewing and metro analysis has profoundly changed medical sciences
Partners, Health and HIV Trace Kershaw Strong, Relationships, building relationships, Partners, Health and HIV, Trace Kershaw on Advancing Relationships and Community Health
Heroin in CT - A Suburban Epidemic Robert Heimer Heroin in Connecticut, Overdose, Naloxone, Opioids in suburbs, Heroin in suburbs Featuring Yale School of Public Health Professor, Robert Heimer; talking about transition of heroin use from urban to suburban and rural areas
Tsetse Insectary - Yale School of Public Health Serap Askoy, Brian Weiss, Geoffrey Attardo Tsetse fly, Sub-Saharan Africa, disease, insectary Featuring Serap Aksoy, Brian Weiss and Geoffrey Attardo
Tsetse Genome - A Scientific Breakthrough Tsetse Genome Scientist led by the Yale School of Public Health have sequenced the genome of the tsetse fly
LEAN Project Melinda Irwin LEAN, BMI, smart eating, exercise, eating behavior, chronic inflammation The LEAN Study - A lifestyle, exercise and nutrition intervention for women with breast cancer. Featuring Associate Professor, Melinda Irwin; project director, Maura Harrigan and study participant, Beth Perkins.
Circadian Disruption and Cancer Yong Zhu Circadian rhythm, Circadian Disruption, cancer, sleep Featuring Yong Zhu, PhD, Associate Professor of Environmental Health Sciences
Heart Attack Judith Lichtman Heart disease, young women Recognizing America's Number one Killer of Women
Borrelia miyamotoi Infection - The New Deer Tick-borne Disease Peter J. Krause Borrelia Miyamotoi Infection, deer ticks, Lyme disease Featuring Peter J. Krause, MD, Department of Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases
Tick-borne Diseases - The Emergence of Babesiosis in the United States Maria Diuk - Wasser Tick-borne diseases, eco-epidemiology, land use, Babesiosis, Lyme disease, Borrelia Featuring Maria Diuk-Wasser
A Thyroid Cancer Epidemic - Tracking America's Fastest Growing Cancer Yawei Zhang Thyroid cancer, thyroid module, population-based control study, American Cancer Study, radiation exposure, environmental chemicals Featuring Yawei Zhang, MD, PhD, MPH speaking about thyroid rates
Healthy Babies 2020 Rafael Pérez-Escamilla, Donna Chapman Breast-feeding, health benefits for children Reaching breastfeeding goals in the U.S.
Indoor Tanning: The Dangers of Skin Cancer Mayne, Susan Indoor tanning, skin cancer, BCC study, melanoma Recent Yale research found that people who use indoor tanning beds/booths are at a significantly higher risk of skin cancer.
iQuit Jody Sindelar iQuit program, smoking, Medicaid, financial incentives The iQuit program offers financial incentives to Connecticut Medicaid recipients to help them quit smoking. The state-run program was designed in conjunction with YSPH faculty and is expected to go into effect in early 2012.
Babesiosis Peter Krause Babesiosis, Lyme Disease, ticks, blood supply, transmission, Block island, Co-infection, biomarkers Dr. Peter Krause, Senior Research Scientist at the Yale School of Public Health discusses Babesiosis, tick-borne diseases.
Nutrition and Infectious Disease Debbie Humphries International Nutrition, Nutritional Deficiencies, Malnutrition, Protein Deficiencies, Resilience, Susceptibility, Nutrition and Infection Debbie Humphries, PhD, MPH, Clinical Instructor of Epidemiology
Lyme Disease iPod App Durland Fish Lyme disease app, georeference map, distribution of tick species, Lyme disease tick, tick removal, Professor Durland Fish, Yale School of Public Health.
Obesity and Maternal Child Health - Addressing the effects of Rapid Urbanization in American Samoa Nicola Hawley Obesity, Maternal Child Health, High birth weight, mother, child, health, Featuring Nicola Hawley, Assistant Professor, Department of Chronic Disease Epidemiology, Yale School of Public Health