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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Across the YSPH community, the dean, faculty, staff and the alumni have adopted mentorship, recruitment, retention and professional development practices to help meet our goal of having an outstanding and diverse School of Public Health—a place that better reflects the local, national and international communities we study.

Our scientists investigate the role of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, aging, socio-economics and geo-politics in health disparities — in all of our research endeavors. We offer MPH students the opportunity to expand their expertise through the US Health and Justice Concentration, regardless of their primary department affiliation. Through their internships, our students work with diverse populations from New Haven to the shores of Africa, from the mountains of South America, to the cities of Asia. Our reach is limited only by our imaginations and access.

With leadership from the School’s diversity committee and student ambassadors, as well as the activism of our student and alumni groups, we strive to for equity in our community, our curriculum and our work in research and practice.

We are committed to offering a welcoming environment to all prospective and existing members of our community.

Public Health Dispatches 2020

The incoming class of Yale School of Public Health students is diverse, large and already accomplished in many respects. And while the students come from all over the United States and many countries beyond, all of them have experienced the COVID-19 pandemic and, more recently, the upheaval surrounding racial injustic in the United States. These seismic and simultaneous events are shaping their perceptions of public health and, in many cases, their thinking about their future career paths.

Source: Yale Public Health
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