Instructions for Online Course Registration


To REGISTER for courses in the upcoming term, YSPH students must use Yale’s Online Course Selection application.  Enter the URL: to get to this application.  

To access the list of courses by school including course descriptions click on the link: View Course Listing.

TO REGISTER FOR COURSES, click on the link Student Login: View or Update Records. You will be required to enter your Yale NetID and password to proceed further.

The first time you login each term, you will be asked to verify your student data.  Follow the instructions and then Certify that the data is correct.  Then choose Online Course Selection from the menu.

We have summarized below the six basic steps you will need to take to submit your course selections to your adviser.  

Steps to Registering for Courses using Online Course Selection

Step 1. Search and review courses of interest.

Step 2. Choose specific courses from the "Search Results" page for inclusion in your Schedule Worksheet.

Step 3. Narrow the courses on the Schedule Worksheet to those you are really interested in taking by creating a tentative schedule.

Step 4. Review error and warning messages, if any, relating to the courses you want to include on your Schedule Worksheet. Click the “Continue” button to see warnings. Go back to your Schedule Worksheet to make adjustments if necessary. 

Step 5. Create your Final Schedule by confirming your course selections.  NOTE:  You must confirm your course selection using your password before it will be forwarded to your adviser for approval. Do not submit your schedule for approval until it is complete and you have met with your adviser.

Step 6. Revise your Course Schedule, if necessary, based on instructions provided to you by your faculty adviser or Registrar. Should revisions be necessary, you will be notified via e-mail.

There is a shopping period – your FINAL schedule must be approved by your academic adviser no later than Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 4:30 pm to avoid a $50 late fee.  Be sure to allow time to meet with your adviser.


Online Course Selection

Upon entering Online Course Selection you will be at the Course Selection page.  There are a series of links on the left side for navigating within the application and to other sites.  You can log out of OCS at any time and whatever work you have done on your schedule will be saved.  OCS will automatically time out after a period of inactivity.  For security reasons,always log out of OCS when you are finished and close your browser window.

Instructions about what to do on each page are available by clicking the Help button.

The Course Selection page allows you to search for courses being offered for the selected term using the following criteria:

  • Course Category (e.g., Professional School, Graduate School, LAW, SOM etc.). To see YSPH courses, select “Professional.” 
  • Course Subject (e.g. Public Health)
  • Course Title 
  • Course Instructor(s) 
  • Course Meeting Day(s) and Time(s) 

Enter your search criteria and click on the “Submit Search Request” button. A list of courses matching these criteria will be displayed on the Search Results page.  You can add courses from this page or click on “Return to Course Search” to make other selections.

Click on the “Clear” button to remove all prior search criteria. NOTE: If you do not click on “Clear” after a search, the new search will take the criteria from your previous search in addition to your new criteria. This may result in no courses being listed. If a search results in no courses being listed, or if too many courses are retrieved, click on the Help button for hints on how to do a more effective search.

Search Results Page and Adding a Course

The Search Results Page shows you all of the courses that matched your set of search criteria. Note that Graduate School course subjects and numbers are red and Yale College courses are blue.

Click on a course title to display information about that course in the bottom half of the window.

Click on the “Add” box preceding a course or the “Add” box above the course description to add that course to your Schedule Worksheet.

Click on the “Return to Course Search” button at the bottom of the window to initiate a new Course Search or click on “Go to Schedule Worksheet” to see the courses you have selected.


The Schedule Worksheet

The Schedule Worksheet contains a list of courses that you selected from the Search Results page. Use the Schedule Worksheet to develop your tentative schedule.

Since your adviser will require an advising session with you, you will receive a message indicating, “Initial Advising Session Required”. It is then your responsibility to meet with your adviser before you begin the course selection process for the term. You may then proceed to select your courses for the term without direct consultation with your adviser.

There is other information available on the Schedule Worksheet:

The “Entering Year” indicates your first year in the Graduate School.

The “Adviser” field indicates the name of your adviser for course registration.  

The “Status Date” column provides the date and time of the last action taken either by the adviser or the student. 

The “Course Selection Status” column indicates your status in the process of selecting courses and having them approved. Your adviser has an online system that allows him or her to view your schedule for approval once it’s submitted.  The statuses are:



Schedule Not Submitted

student has not selected any courses and there is nothing to review

Needs Adviser Approval

student has selected his or her courses and the adviser can click on the name to review the course selections

Adviser requests Revision

adviser has not approved the student’s course selections and has requested revisions by the student

Resubmitted to Adviser

student has made the revisions the adviser has suggested and these revisions are ready for the adviser’s review

Needs Registrar Approval

student has selected his or her courses and the Registrar can click on the name to review the course selections

Registrar Requests Revision

Registrar has not approved the student’s course selections and has requested revision by the advisee

Resubmitted to Registrar

student has made the revisions the Registrar has suggested and these revisions are ready for the Registrars review

Registrar  Approved

Registrar has given final approval to the student’s course selections

Working with the Schedule Worksheet

The Schedule Worksheet is intended to allow you to make changes and work with your schedule until you are ready to submit it to your adviser for approval.

The “Grade Mode” column allows you to select the grading mode for a course. Select “Regular” for regular YSPH letter grades; select “Audit” for enrollment as an auditor

Use the “Return to Course Search” button to add more courses to the Schedule Worksheet.

Use the “Quick Add Course” button to add a course to the Schedule Worksheet without returning to the Search page.

The “Select” check box on the left allows you to keep a course in your schedule, or to de-select it without removing it entirely from your worksheet.  To remove a course from your worksheet, click on the garbage can icon to the right. 

Click on the “Clear Worksheet” button on the bottom of the page to clear all courses from the worksheet. 

At the top of the page, there are a series of tabs. Use the Weekly View tab to view all selected courses on a weekly schedule grid in calendar format.. 

Use the Daily View tab to view all selected courses on a daily schedule grid. 

Use the Unofficial Transcript tab to view your courses, grades, adviser(s) and Teaching Fellow Program Participation.


To Finalize your Schedule

Finalizing your schedule automatically submits it to your adviser for approval.  NOTE: you will not be formally registered in your courses until your schedule has been approved by your advisor and the Registrar.

To finalize your schedule, make sure that all courses to wish to take are marked as selected. Select a course by clicking on the box in the Select Column to the left, if not already checked.( If you are unable to select  a course it means that you have already submitted your schedule to your adviser.  Email your adviser and ask that he/she send your schedule back to you for further revisions.)

Click on the "Continue" button. Scroll and view your tentative schedule and check for any warning messages. If you are selecting courses in Yale College or some of the Professional Schools, you will have warning messages about approvals required. 

If you are satisfied with your schedule, then click the check box in the "Confirmation Dialog" box at the bottom of the window to acknowledge you are finalizing your schedule. Enter your NetID password and click on "Continue. This will display your final schedule.  To print your Final Schedule form, use the "Print Schedule Form" button.

Click on the "Logout" button to exit from Online Course Information.

Should revisions to your Final Schedule be necessary, you will be notified via e-mail from your adviser or Registrar.  Your schedule will be automatically re-opened so that you can make the necessary revisions and re-submit your Final Schedule using the same steps above. The “Action Taken By” column on the Schedule Worksheet indicates the name of the person who has taken the most recent action on approving your course selections.


  1. Be sure to make an appointment with your Adviser during the shopping period.
  2. Do not finalize your schedule and submit it to your adviser until you are certain that you have included all courses that you intend to take.  Once you have finalized your schedule and your adviser has approved it you cannot “ADD” courses.  Your registration is considered closed as of that time. We have a shopping period at YSPH rather than an ADD/DROP period.  You can withdraw from classes during the semester. (See the academic calendar for dates).
  3. If you are still working on your schedule and are unable to “add” or “select” courses it means that you have already submitted your schedule to your adviser.  Email your adviser and ask he/she to send it back. 
  4. If you plan to take courses at another school at Yale be sure to include them on your worksheet.  However, be aware that the School of Management (SOM) and the Law School (LAW) require permission from the Registrar at either SOM or LAW. The required forms are available on the YSPH Current Student Gateway.  Do not add the course to your selection. The class will be added by the Registrar once it has been approved. Please note that courses taken outside of YSPH may be subject to an additional course material fee. 
  5. In order for classes at other schools to count toward your course unit requirement at YSPH the course must fulfill the following requirements –
  • Must be a full semester course in order to receive 1 course unit.  Half semester classes will count as .5 course units.
  • Must not be an ungraded seminar.
  • If the course is a Pass/Fail or Credit/No Credit course it will not count as a course unit for YSPH.  You must be given a grade of Honors, High Pass, Pass or S (satisfactory)/U (unsatisfactory) in order to receive credit.
  • If the course is a Yale College (undergraduate) course it must be 300 level or above.