Practicum Course Offerings

  • Practice-based Community Health Research (EPH 542b)

    Groups of students are paired with agencies to work on defined projects with an emphasis on developing competencies in program planning and evaluation.
  • Health Management (HPM 555a)

    Health Management Practicum, HPA 555a is offered to students seeking health administration related careers. Students are individually placed within hospitals/health care organizations, health technology firms, and others working in the health care space.

    • Health Policy (HPM 555b)

      Health Policy Practicum, HPA 555b is offered to students seeking health administration or policy related careers. Students are individually placed within hospitals and other health care organizations, or in settings where they work on current state and/or local health policy issues with legislators, policy makers, and senior staff, or at non-profit health policy or advocacy groups.

    • Health Care Environmental Sustainability (EPH 556)

      If the US healthcare sector were a nation itself, it would rank 13th in the world for greenhouse gas emissions.

    • Public Health Practicum (EPH 500b)

      The course combines experiential learning and guided classroom discussion. Students select a field placement where they apply public health concepts and competencies learned in the classroom through a practice experience that is relevant to their interests and area of specialization.
    • Global Health Justice Practicum (CDE 586b)

      Through real-world projects students explore the means by which law, policy and rights can be used as tools to promote health within a global context.
    • Practicum in Climate Change, Sustainability, and Public Health (EPH 555b)

      Interdisciplinary student teams (3-4 students each) carry out applied research or practice projects in the area of climate change, sustainability, and public health.