Practice-Based Experience

How to complete your requirement

Two-year MPH

All two-year MPH candidates must complete a summer internship, typically 10 – 12 weeks and no less than 8 weeks in duration, to integrate classroom learning with real-life experience in a public health work environment, which allows them to learn from professionals in the field.

In planning your practicum, please refer to the Practicum Guidelines. 

Advanced Professional MPH

One-year AP students are not required to complete a summer internship but must fulfill their practicum requirement during the academic year by taking one of the following courses:

  1. Practice-based Community Health Research (EPH 542b)
  2. Health Management (HPM 555a)
  3. Health Policy (HPM 500b)
  4. Public Health Practicum (EPH 500b)
  5. Global Health Justice Practicum (CDE 586b)
  6. Practicum in Climate Change, Sustainability and Public Health (EPH 555b)

In planning your practicum, please refer to the Practicum Guidelines. 

Accelerated MBA/MPH

Accelerated MBA/MPH students are exempt from the mandatory YSPH summer internship requirement but must fulfill the YSPH public health practicum requirement. The HCM program continues to strongly recommend the completion of a qualifying internship in the health care industry to fulfill the public health practicum requirement. If the student cannot find a suitable internship that meets his/her needs, the student can petition the Director or Associate Director for a waiver. In lieu of a public health summer internship, those receiving a waiver are required to take one of the approved YSPH practicum courses during the academic year. (Please see section above).     

Students opting to conduct an appropriate summer internship that would fulfill the YSPH practicum guidelines will follow the same YSPH internship protocols as other YSPH students, working with their faculty advisors and the Office of Public Health Practice to develop an appropriate internship placement and work plan. Students should attend one of the internship orientation and education sessions arranged by the Office of Public Health Practice to facilitate internship planning. Dates for these sessions are posted on the YSPH website at the start of the spring semester.

Given the unique features of the accelerated joint MBA/MPH program, decisions relative to how these students fulfill the YSPH practicum requirement will be managed at the program level (by the Program Directors of the Accelerated MBA/MPH Program) in coordination with the Office of Public Health Practice. 

In planning your practicum, please refer to the Practicum Guidelines.  

Summer internship in Uganda

Bert Hootsmans MPH '15, interned with the Alliance for Stroke Awareness and Prevention Project (ASAPP) in Kampala, Uganda where he worked on a case-control study to determine risk factors for hypertension.