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English Language Program at Yale (ELP) for non-native speakers of English

Advanced Professional Communication course for YSPH Students

The course is designed to support YSPH students throughout their programs and beyond. It will cover the full range of academic communications, including writing, oral communications (especially presentations), pronunciation and academic vocabulary development. It is tailored to the schedule and needs of busy graduate students, who will be encouraged to bring in current projects and will not receive additional out-of-of-class assignments. The initial sessions will feature discussions of effective email writing and academic style. Later sessions will include work on pronunciation and classroom discourse, professional and job-search communications, as well as advanced topics in writing. The course is free of charge to all YSPH students.

Contact: James Tierney

Individual Coaching

We are now offering weekly one-on-one sessions with James Tierney (Director, Yale English Language Programs) and other members of the ELP faculty in the School of Public Health (47 College St., New Haven, CT, Room 2). The half-hour sessions are free of charge and are available to all YSPH students at different time to accommodate for a variety of schedules. While the programs are especially designed for second-language speakers of English, all are welcome.

Feel free to schedule a time to discuss course work, current writing project (including job and school applications), or any other language question or concern.