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Helping Latin America Through Summer Internships

Eduardo Braniff ’93 BA

Eduardo Braniff ’93 BA did not attend the Yale School of Public Health and does not work in a health-related field. But the Yale College graduate is aware of ongoing public health issues in his native Mexico and is convinced that current research by Yale faculty and students has the potential to make a difference.

Braniff, who graduated with a fine arts degree, created a fund that will provide one or more summer internships in Latin America for public health students, with a preference for internships in Mexico. Braniff said when he learned about Yale’s work with infectious diseases and other public health issues it was an easy decision.

“It was a very simple ‘yes,’” said Braniff, who works as a chief strategy officer for Imagination, a London-based design and communication agency. “I thought it made good sense. It’s on the merits that I gave the money.”

Braniff requested that the money go toward internships in Latin America because of his Mexican heritage and his awareness of the many public health challenges that the country faces, particularly in the areas of nutrition and addiction.

“Latin America is in dire need of public health attention. Any and all help is going to go a long way,” he said. “The School will be able to recognize compelling opportunities.”