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Learning About Global Health Through Global Travel

Richard Skolnik ’72 BA

As a student in the late 1960s, Richard Skolnik '72 BA traveled to a small village in the Philippines to teach science and biology. The year–long internship left a lasting impression upon Skolnik, who returned to earn his bachelor’s in 1972.

“I benefited enormously from this experience,” he said. “Such experiences can be really fundamental in helping students to become more knowledgeable, committed and effective.”

To expose future generations of students to the same global health issues and educational experiences that he had, Skolnik recently created a scholarship that will fund the internship program that is part of the School's unique collaboration with Yale College, The Select Five-Year BA-BS/MPH Program.

Since Yale, Skolnik’s work has been devoted to global health issues, including some 90 trips to India alone, in addition to projects in many other areas of the world. He currently works for the Population Reference Bureau in Washington, D.C.

The Yale College alumnus said he was excited by some of the global health initiatives underway at the School of Public Health and wants to see them continue.

“I have a deep commitment to global health activities,” Skolnik said. “I want to do all that I can. This is the perfect opportunity.”