Food and Alcohol Policy

Alcohol Policy

If your event hosts more than 50 people and/or is open to persons under 21 years of age, you must adhere to the Yale alcohol policy by ensuring there is a licensed bartender serving alcohol and that food and non-alcoholic beverages are provided.

Food/Cleaning Policy

You MUST submit a Custodial request to clean up after your event - FAMIS Web Request (FWR) at no less than (3) business days prior to the event if: 

  • your event is being catered 
  • your event is scheduled over the weekend 
  • your event is in the Gathering Space, lawn or patio

Through December 2016, YSPH and Custodial Services are partnering on a pilot to monitor needs associated with events serving food. YSPH will initially cover charges for clean-up, but note that departments/units may be charged directly in the future.

Until further notice, please use CO01.CC0935.YD000001.PG00401.PJ000001.ZZZ1003 for cleaning requests and please return rooms to their original condition by: 

  • returning furniture to its original configuration
  • removing food and beverage items and containers (unless you have permission from the person who will be using it next)