Why Choose the Yale School of Public Health?

Marney White

Marney White, associate professor in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Division, with a student.

You’ve seen the other websites. You’ve read the materials. This is where schools of public health talk about their superb academic curriculum and degree choices, their innovative interdisciplinary curriculum and joint degree programs and their exciting internship and practicum opportunities. This is also where they take the time to list all the incredible research initiatives that faculty and students are conducting. 


On the field and off, YSPH students foster teamwork and collaboration.

What makes Yale stand out?

If you ask any of our students, it’s the supportive and caring sense of community that is woven into our academically rich culture. You see, the Yale School of Public Health fosters the supportive environment students need to succeed, the dedicated assistance you need to achieve your professional goals, and the network of relationships that will benefit you throughout your lifetime. At Yale, our students are part of our family, and we strive to provide a nurturing and communal environment that enriches students academically, socially and professionally.  

Students - Commencement 2018

Getting the most value from your graduate degree.

Where does value come from? As you search for the public health program that best fits your educational needs and career goals, be sure to consider the intangibles beyond the classroom. Because the value of your degree comes in choosing a place that will inspire you, encourage you, assist you, support you, and applaud you.  If you put value in those areas, then you’ll see what separates Yale from all the rest. As one of our graduates says, “Go where you’re celebrated, not merely tolerated.” As you search for the program that’s right for you, also consider the impact of your degree after graduation. At the Yale School of Public Health, the celebration and support you receive as a student continues well beyond commencement. At Yale, you immediately become part of a vast and impressive network of alumni who embrace their common bond, and continue that spirit of support and guidance throughout your career.

Yale Old Campus

An aerial view of Yale's Old Campus

So, why should you choose the Yale School of Public Health?

Simply put, because it is our goal to provide not only an education, but an environment of support and caring that fosters relationships which do not cease after your education is finished, but continue for a lifetime.