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Financial Aid for MS & PhD Candidates

MS Candidates

Students in the MS program file their applications and financial aid materials through the Graduate School.

MS students are allowed to serve as Teaching Fellows or Research Assistants. Teaching Fellowships are generally available to MS students in Public Health in the second year after they have taken classes and become familiar with the Public Health coursework. However, it is possible to obtain a Teaching Fellowship in a department outside of Public Health. Many first year MS students have found Teaching Fellowships in language departments or the Math department.

Research Assistant positions are also available on a part time basis. Faculty in Biostatistics are generally familiar with various research projects that are in need of a research assistant. We suggest you begin your search for a research assistant position by asking your faculty advisor for suggestions. There are also many positions posted on the Student Employment website.

PhD Funding Opportunities

Financial assistance is provided to all PhD students in the form of YSPH Fellowships, Teaching Fellowships, Traineeships and Research Assistantships. All admitted PhD students are guaranteed five years of 12-month stipend and tuition support. In addition to grants and fellowships for tuition and living costs, students receive a Health Award, which covers the full cost of single-student Yale Health Plan Hospitalization/Specialty Coverage.

Some of the sources of funding for PhD students within Public Health are:


If you have questions regarding funding, please contact: 
Phone: 203-785-6383.