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Degree Programs

The M.P.H. is well suited for individuals from a variety of academic and experience backgrounds seeking a career in public health. The two-year program consists of twenty course units over four semesters and a summer internship. Additionally, students are required to complete a Master’s thesis or capstone course. The program, which offers students seven different areas of study, ensures a solid grounding in the basic and applied sciences, and also provides students with learning experiences in the field.

The Master of Science (M.S.) degree program in Public Health (PH) is designed with an emphasis on mastering skills in Biostatistics, Chronic Disease Epidemiology, Health Informatics or the Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases. The M.S. track for Chronic Disease Epidemiology or Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases may be completed in one year as a full-time student.

The primary mission of the doctoral program in Public Health is to provide scholars with the disciplinary background and skills required to contribute to the development of our understanding of better ways to measure, maintain and improve the public’s health. Public health spans disciplines that use tools available in the laboratory, field research, social sciences, the public policy arena and mathematics. 

The University is committed to basing judgments concerning the admission, education, and employment of individuals upon their qualifications and abilities and affirmatively seeks to attract to its faculty, staff, and student body qualified persons of diverse backgrounds.