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Where can I find out more information about applying for admission?
An information session to answer all questions for prospective students will be held September 26, 2019 at 5pm in Linsley Chittenden Hall, Room 211
Is the program open to students from any undergraduate major?
Yes, students majoring in any department may apply. However, some majors may have expectations that would make the requirements of the B.A.-B.S./M.P.H. Program more challenging to complete. This is particularly likely for students studying abroad during their junior year.
Is this program only for those who want to be in the public health profession?
Definitely not. Many of our M.P.H. students go on to additional academic training, in either other professional schools or doctoral programs. A large number spend their careers in positions that would not be considered a part of the conventional public health field.
Which M.P.H. courses should I take while enrolled at Yale College?

BA-BS/MPH students can take at least four courses at the School of Public Health before the end of the senior year. Students typically take the following courses:

BIS 505a – Introduction to Statistical Thinking I
CDE 505a - Social & Behavioral Foundations of Health
CDE/EMD 508a - Principles of Epidemiology I
BIS 505b - Introduction to Statistical Thinking II
EPH 515b – Introduction to Research and Professional Ethics Seminar

HPM 510a – Introduction to Health Policy and Health Systems
HPM 560b Health Economics and US Health Policy

EHS 510b Contemporary Issues in Environmental Health
EHS 503a Introduction to Toxicology

Students should also take two Yale College courses from the approved elective list.

Will my financial aid package during the year I am enrolled at the School of Public Health be the same as the financial aid I have received at Yale College?
No. The financial aid resources at Yale College are considerably more extensive than the resources available at the School of Public Health. The maximum need-based grant we are able to award to M.P.H. students was $10,000. However, you are able to earn a Master’s degree that would normally require two years of study in just one additional year, and this does result in substantial tuition savings.
Can I use my undergraduate thesis for my Masters thesis in public health?
The two theses must be separate products. It may be sensible for some students to develop their master's thesis as an extension of their undergraduate thesis, though this would need to be negotiated with the faculty advisor at the School of Public Health.
Can I concentrate in Global Health?
Global Health is an interdisciplinary, school-wide program that can be combined with any of our M.P.H. concentrations. You may indicate your interest in the Global Health Program on the admissions application. You can take additional courses as a Yale College senior from the list of Global Health Concentration approved electives and apply them to your MPH degree because many are Yale College courses and would count for both the Global Health Concentration and your BA/BS degree.
What if I have additional questions?
Please contact Mary Keefe in the Office of Student Affairs at (203) 785-6276.