Program Design


All candidates must present clear evidence of a commitment to improving the health of the public as well as quantitative skills. In addition, a year of college-level mathematics and a year of science and social science are strongly preferred, though some of these expectations can be completed after applying to the program. Additional expectations may apply to particular departments or programs. Applicants must complete application forms and must submit transcripts, SAT scores, two letters of recommendation (at least one from an instructor in a Yale course), and one personal statement. Approval by the Dean of the student's residential college is also required. For more information on the admissions process, please contact Mary Keefe at

Program Design

A total of 18 course units is required for the MPH degree. Students in the B.A.-B.S./M.P.H. Program affiliate with one of seven departments or programs at the School of Public Health. Their primary advisor comes from this department/program and their specific requirements within the five-year program are defined by this affiliation.  Several course requirements can be taken while a senior at Yale College, with the remaining requirements satisfied during the one year enrollment at the School of Public Health.

While a senior at Yale College:

In their four years of Yale College enrollment, students complete a standard Yale College major which consists of at least 36 course credits; 32 of which must be Yale College undergraduate approved courses credits.  Two of those Yale College courses may be counted as electives towards the MPH degree requirements. These electives must be on the list of approved courses.
The remaining 4 course credits of the required 36 for a Yale College degree are typically taken at YSPH in order to fulfill the MPH degree requirements. Students may take additional YSPH courses while at Yale College, as long as they complete the required 32 undergraduate courses.   

Students accepted into the BA-BS/MPH program typically take the following YSPH courses during their senior year:

  • BIS 505a – Introduction to Statistical Thinking I
  • CDE 505a - Social & Behavioral Foundations of Health
  • CDE/EMD 508a - Principles of Epidemiology I
  • BIS 505b - Introduction to Statistical Thinking II
  • EPH 515b – Introduction to Research and Professional Ethics Seminar
  • HPM 510a – Introduction to Health Policy and Health Systems
    HPM 560b Health Economics and US Health Policy
  • EHS 510b Contemporary Issues in Environmental Health
    EHS 503a Introduction to Toxicology

While at YSPH in their fifth year:

Students complete a public health internship during the summer between the fourth and fifth years of the BA-BS/MPH Program. Information about the summer internship can be found at: Students are in full-time residence at the School of Public Health during their fifth year in the program, during which time they complete their remaining required courses and the master's thesis. Information on each departments degree requirements can be found at: