ATI - Mary D'Alimonte

Mary D'Alimonte studied in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences and the Global Health Concentration.

Master of Public Health

The M.P.H. is well suited for individuals from a variety of academic and experience backgrounds seeking a career in public health. The two-year program consists of twenty course units over four semesters and a summer internship. Additionally, students are required to complete a Master’s thesis or capstone course. The program, which offers students specialization in one of our six departments or the Health Care Management Program, ensures a solid grounding in the basic and applied sciences, and also provides students with learning experiences in the field.

Many students at complement their departmental studies through a variety of interdisciplinary concentrations, tracks and programs including the: Global Health ConcentrationPublic Health Modeling Concentration, and Regulatory Affairs Track  or to become involved in the Climate Change and Health Initiative. We encourage you to explore ways to customize and enhance your degree.