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PhD in Public Health

Commencement 2016

The primary mission of the doctoral program in Public Health is to provide scholars with the disciplinary background and skills required to contribute to the development of our understanding of better ways to measure, maintain and improve the public’s health. Public health spans disciplines that use tools available in the laboratory, field research, social sciences, the public policy arena and mathematics. The core of this training includes the mastery of research tools in the specialty discipline chosen by the candidate. Students engage in a highly focused area of research reflecting scholarship at the doctoral level but are exposed to a broad view of public health as seen in the diverse research interests of the department’s faculty.

This PhD program offers six concentrations:

Students will find that we encourage interdisciplinary research as well as the ability to conduct dissertation research abroad. Placement of PhD students is outstanding. Graduates are employed in government, academia and the private sector. A statistical profile including admissions data, total enrollment, time to degree, and career data is available here:

Curriculum & Graduate Life

More information regarding curriculum can be found on the Department pages.

More information about the Graduate School and student life/activities are on the GSAS pages.

PhD Program Webinar on Diversity and Inclusion

PhD Program Webinar on Diversity and Inclusion

This webinar provides you with more information about the PhD programs at the Yale School of Public Health. Hear from our faculty and PhD students.