PhD Degree Requirements

The normal requirement for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is a minimum of four full years of graduate study. The first two years are primarily devoted to coursework. Each student must satisfactorily complete a minimum of ten term courses or the equivalent. Required courses cover the theory, principles and practice of their chosen area of specialty.

All doctoral candidates must pass qualifying examinations and must design and submit a prospectus acceptable to the faculty advisory committee before being admitted to candidacy. The dissertation must make an original contribution to the field and be presented at an advertised open seminar.

Inquiries regarding specific departmental or doctoral program requirements may be submitted to the Graduate Student Affairs coordinators (Phone: 203-785-6383) or by contacting Dr. Christian Tschudi, Director of Graduate Studies.

Curriculum & Graduate Life

More information regarding curriculum can be found on the Department pages.

More information about the Graduate School and student life/activities are on the GSAS pages.

Qing Zhao
Photo by Brad Clift
Qing "Amanda" Zhao, PhD '16, Department of Biostatistics. Qing's research focused on the integration of multi- and high-dimensional genomic data to improve cancer prognosis and risk prediction.