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The Student Experience

Former Secretary of State John Kerry with students
John Kerry Meets with Students
Former Secretary of State John Kerry met with students and gave a talk for the Climate Change and Health Initiative.

Yale School of Public Health students come from a wide range of backgrounds and professional experiences. Whether you are an experienced health professional with an advanced degree or you are looking to pursue public health straight out of your undergraduate study, our program can be personalized to your academic and career interests. Given the interdisciplinary nature of public health, students are encouraged to build programs that include courses from other departments and schools at Yale University. This includes areas such as law, management, economics, environmental studies, social sciences, genomics, spirituality and medical practice. Research and learning go beyond the classroom and lab, as students gain first-hand experience in the field and community through their academic work, internship and extracurricular activities.

The Internship and Practicum 

The summer internship is a seminal experience for students in the MPH program, exposing them to real-world challenges and the opportunity to apply what they have learned in class. Students are able to find local, national and international placements with the help of both the Office of Public Health Practice and Office of Career Services. In addition to the internship and for Advanced Professional MPH students who do not complete the internship, there are a variety of practicum courses to provide additional real-life experience in the field of public health. See former students slideshows.

Student Activities

Student Organizations are an important part of student life and culture at the Yale School of Public Health. With over 20 student groups, there is no lack of opportunity to get involved on campus. In addition to the YSPH student organizations, students are able to get involved across the university with Cultural Centers, the McDougal Graduate Student Center and the Graduate and Processional Student Center at Yale.

Life in New Haven 

New Haven is the "Greatest Small City in America" with so much to offer. We have art galleries, historical tours, theaters, bars, night clubs and award winning restaurants that offer a wide variety of local and global cuisine. Be sure to check out the unique shops in the downtown area, beautiful parks and bike trails. Everything you need can be found in New Haven! 

Learn more about living in New Haven at

Incoming MPH Class Profile

Incoming 2019
Class Size 188
Men / Women 30% / 70%
Average Age 24
Average Years of pre-MPH work experience 2
US States Represented 33
US URMs 17%
International Students 37% representing 23 countries

Here at YSPH, we have no minimum standardized test scores exist for acceptance into the program, and no averages or medians are calculated. Due to the significant quantitative nature of the program, a successful applicant typically scores in the 50th percentile or above on the quantitative section. Additionally, we haven no minimum grade point average (GPA) exists for acceptance into the program, and no average GPAs are calculated.