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The Value of a Yale MPH

Your investment in a Masters of Public Health degree is significant. It is a commitment of time, money and effort to accomplish your dreams of improving the health of the public and enhancing the quality of life for people globally. As you search for the right public health program, consider not only the atmosphere and culture of the institution you choose, but how the return of that investment will impact your future, and the future of the people you will ultimately impact. 

At Yale, we strive to ensure the highest possible return on the investment our students make in us. In doing so, we work tirelessly to foster lifelong relationships and networks within our student and alumni bodies, provide incredible internship and research opportunities to gain professional experience and maximize career opportunities as well as earning potential. 

The value of a public health degree means different things to different people. At Yale, we hope to support and foster any area that will help our students succeed. And in turn, help those around the world who will ultimately benefit from that success.