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Career Opportunities and Earning Potential

YSPH recent graduates have leapt into exciting careers in consulting, research, hospital administration, regulatory affairs, global health, surveillance and much more. The chart below details the career paths of our recent alumni by department. Use the filters to focus your results on specific factors. For more detailed information, please visit our Career Management Center.

Earning Potential

Investing in a MPH degree is an investment in your future and it is important to be aware of what your financial situation may be post graduate school. Historically, salary ranges and earning potential for MPH graduates differs depending on industry and geographic location. Our Career Management team in collaboration with the Director of Financial Aid are happy to meet with students one on one to discuss career goals and what you may be able to expect for a starting salary. To give some examples from past graduates, the class of 2017 reported the following starting salaries: 

Business and Industry: $40,000-$115,000

Consulting: $55,000-$115,000

Government/Public Sector: $35,000-$105,000

Hospitals/Medical Centers: $50,000-$115,000

NGO/Non Profit/Foundations: $35,000-$55,000