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Why Choose the Yale School of Public Health?

heart-shaped sign saying thank you in front of Yale School of Public Health sign at 60 College Street
This thank you sign was placed anonymously in front of the Yale School of Public Health's sign on April 16, 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Your investment in an advanced degree in public health is significant. It is a commitment of time, money and effort to accomplish your dreams of improving the health of the public and enhancing the quality of life for people globally. As you search for the right public health program, consider not only the atmosphere and culture of the institution you choose, but how the return of that investment will impact your future and the future of the people you will ultimately impact.

Experience diversity — of people, interests and opportunities

Yale School of Public Health welcomes students from a wide range of backgrounds and professional experiences. Whether you are an experienced health professional with an advanced degree or you are looking to pursue public health straight out of your undergraduate study, our programs can be personalized to your academic and career interests. Given the interdisciplinary nature of public health, students are encouraged to build programs that include courses from other departments and schools at Yale University. This includes areas such as law, management, economics, environmental studies, social sciences, genomics, spirituality and medical practice.

At Yale research and learning go beyond the classroom and lab. Our students gain first-hand experience in the field and community through their academic work, applied practice and extracurricular activities.

The Yale School of Public Health strives to ensure the highest possible return on the investment you make in us. In doing so, we work tirelessly to provide incredible opportunities to gain professional experience, maximize career opportunities and your earning potential.

What makes Yale stand out?

If you ask any of our students, it’s the supportive and caring sense of community that is woven into our academically rich culture. The Yale School of Public Health fosters a supportive environment for you to succeed, the assistance to achieve your professional goals, and a network of relationships that will benefit you throughout your lifetime.

Simply put, it is our goal to provide not only an education, but an environment of support and caring that fosters relationships which do not cease after your education is finished, but continue for a lifetime.

As one of our graduates says, “Go where you’re celebrated, not merely tolerated.”