EMAC Special Award in Health Disparities

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Established by the AYAPH Board of Directors in 2006, this award honors an individual in public health practice or academic public health who has made outstanding contributions to the field of health disparities and/or to increasing racial/ethnic diversity within the field of public health.

Selection Process and Criteria

Determination of the final nominee is based on EMAC’s evaluation of candidates on the following criteria:

  1. Leadership in the field of health disparities, cultural competency or diversity in public health.
  2. Impact of scholarship, teaching or practice on health disparities/diversity outcomes.
  3. Advocacy for social policy advances in eliminating health disparities or increasing racial/ethnic diversity within the field.

Confirmation of recipient is made by the AYAPH Awards Committee.

Nomination Process

Special nomination by the Emerging Majority Affairs Committee (EMAC) of AYAPH to the Co-Chairs of the AYYAPH Awards Committee. 

Nominations should address:

  1. How achievement or contribution is beyond the normal expectation.
  2. How achievement or contribution is unique and innovative.
  3. How contribution fosters the development of new directions /initiatives or strengthens social or institutional policy

Nomination Requirements

All nominations should include a CV, resume or bio and may include a statement of nomination of not more than one page.


2018 - Khadija Gurnah, MPH '09
2006 – Katrina Clark