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Student Spotlight - Briana Cameron

June 28, 2017
by Denise Meyer

As an undergraduate at Notre Dame, Briana Cameron had the opportunity to experience both the clinical and research sides of medicine as an intern at the Mayo Clinic. She quickly discovered that she much preferred research. As a double major in chemistry and applied math, biostatistics had immediate appeal.

Now about to finish her PhD, Briana’s dissertation examines design of clinical trials that evaluate patient preferences for treatment. For example, if an older patient chooses drug treatment over surgery, how does that effect outcomes? For some patients with mental health conditions, there may be transportation or work issues that make group therapy burdensome, so they may prefer individual therapy. Is that the best choice? Does having a choice influence the patient’s response to treatment?

Briana expects to defend her dissertation at the end of the summer and will begin a position with 23andme, a personal genetics testing company serving where she will work on design of experiments, development of analysis methods and analysis of genetic and health data.

Submitted by Denise Meyer on June 28, 2017