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YSPH Student Receives Scholarship for Women in Statistics

April 28, 2009
by Melissa Pheterson

Martha Skup, a first–year Ph.D. student at YSPH, has been awarded the American Statistical Association’s Gertrude M. Cox Scholarship for women in graduate statistics programs.

The ASA established the scholarship in 1989 to encourage women to enter statistically–oriented professions.

As a trainee in the Research Training in Mental Health Epidemiology program with a concentration in Biostatistics, Skup hopes to conduct research addressing the complexity of psychiatric data by using modern statistical methods. Other potential areas of focus include the study of pediatric health and the application of neuroimaging to clinical populations. Skup also has expressed interest in research by her mentor, Dr. Heping Zhang, professor in the division of Biostastics, concerning cognitive and behavioral development in children.

“The Cox Scholarship is a nation–wide competition among all female Ph.D. candidates in statistics, and few awards—usually one or two—are given annually by the ASA,” said Dr. Zhang. “So this is quite an honor for Martha.”

Prior to coming to Yale, Skup was selected to participate in the National Institute of Mental Health’s Postbaccalaureate Intramural Research Training program, investigating pediatric bipolar disorder in the Unit on Bipolar Spectrum Disorders. She received her BA from University of Michigan–Ann Arbor in psychology, with a minor in applied statistics.

Skup will receive the $2,000 award at the ASA’s Joint Statistical Meetings in Washington, DC in early August.

Submitted by Denise Meyer on August 06, 2012