Mauricio Pinilla - MS Candidate

Mauricio Pinilla

Mauricio Pinilla loves math. He loves math so much that by the end of his premed studies at Brown he decided to apply for graduate school in biostatistics rather than pursue med school. 

Now a second-year student in the MS program in YSPH’s Department of Biostatistics, Mauricio is happy to be back into numbers and finds that he loves working with real datasets even in his coursework. For his thesis project, he is using a dataset from the ESTEEM Lab to better understand the different stresses and mental health outcomes faced by gay and bisexual men. He also works at the Yale Center for Analytical Sciences where he has assisted with a number of projects. While at Yale Mauricio has also expanded his horizons extracurricularly, learning to play squash and taking a wine tasting course at the School of Organization and Management. 

Upon graduation, Mauricio hopes to work in a data sciences capacity for a social or public health cause. And after a gap year spent with AmeriCorps at City Year Boston, he is also keenly interested in the role of statistics in education. City Year Boston is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing tutoring and services to kids at risk for dropping out of school. While in Boston, he not only tutored kids, but he served as an evaluation coordinator, organizing data-driven approaches to improve how tutoring was designed and delivered. This kind of work, says Mauricio, brings together his love of math and analytics with a desire to care for people.