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HOngy Zhao
Photo by Brad Clift
Hongyu Zhao, the Ira V. Hiscock Professor of Biostatistics
The Biostatistics Department's misison is to develop new statistical methodology to address important questions in the biological and health sciences. We bring these innovations into practice through active collaboration with applied researchers at Yale and beyond.

Research Areas

Aging LinPeduzzi
Applied probability CrawfordKane, Townsend
Bayesian statistics Crawford, HolfordKane, TownsendWarrenZhao,
Bioinformatics and computational biology CrawfordMaTownsend,WangZhao,
Biomarkers Lin, Zhao 
Cancer ClausHolfordLinMakuch, Peduzzi,  Spiegelman,Townsend, Zelterman
Cardiovascular disease Lin, Makuch
Categorical data Gueorguieva, Spiegelman, WangZelterman,  
Causal inference LinSpiegelman
Clinical research informatics Brandt
Clinical trial design and analysis Gueorguieva, Kane, Lin, Makuch, PeduzziZelterman, Spiegelman
Comparative effectiveness research Gueorguieva, Lin, Makuch, PeduzziSpiegelman
Computational neuroinformatics McDougal
Competing risks GueorguievaLin
Correlated data Crawford, GueorguievaLin Spiegelman, WangWarren
Count data Crawford, Zelterman 
Environmental health HolfordLinSpiegelman, Warren
Gene expression CrawfordWang,  Zhao
Genetic epidemiology ClausTownsend,Zhao
High ­dimensional data analysis MaKane, Zhao
HIV CrawfordLin, MakuchSpiegelman
Human genetics/genomics Townsend, WangZhao
Implementation and prevention science Spiegelman
Joint longitudinal and survival modeling GueorguievaLin
Kidney diseases Lin
Longitudinal data Gueorguieva, LinSpiegelman,Wang
Measurement error Spiegelman
Medical imaging Zhang
Mental health ZhangGueorguievaLin
Meta-­analysis MakuchLinGueorguievaSpiegelman
Missing data Crawford, Gueorguieva, Lin, MakuchSpiegelman,Wang,
Mixture models Gueorguieva, LinWangWarren
Network analysis  Crawford, Zhao
Pre­clinical drug screening Makuch
Rare adverse events Makuch
Regulatory affairs Makuch
Spatial statistics Holford, Warren
Statistical computing CrawfordKane
Statistical epidemiology HolfordLinSpiegelman, Warren
Statistical genomics Townsend , Wang, Zhao,
Statistical proteomics Zhao
Stochastic processes Crawford, HolfordKane, TownsendZhao
Survey sampling Crawford, Makuch