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Requesting an Informational Interview

The subject line should always indicate the intent of your email, for example: “Inquiry from Yale Public Health Student”

Dear Ms. Smith,

I’m a first year Masters in Public Health candidate at the Yale School of Public Health with a focus on maternal and child health issues. I’m exploring summer internship opportunities in Ghana was hoping to be able speak with you regarding John Snow’s Healthy Family Initiative in Ghana.

Before coming to Yale I worked for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Peru and had the opportunity to interact with several staff members from John Snow.  That positive experience has motivated me to contact you.

Would you be willing to speak with me briefly by phone, email, or in-person? I’m enclosing my resume so you have an idea of my background. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my interests and skills in further detail.

I look forward to communicating with you. Thank you in advance for your cooperation

Sincerely yours,

Emily Rodriguez
MPH Candidate