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General FAQs

What distinguishes Yale School of Public Health's Climate Change and Health Certificate from other online offerings?

YSPH's Climate Change and Health Certificate offers three courses, each running 6 weeks. In the program, you will experience a blend of asynchronous (content viewed at your own pace) and synchronous (live discussions with faculty and peers) content to ensure a rich learning experience while providing the flexibility you need to balance coursework with your career.

Why did Yale School of Public Health create this program?

Our warming planet presents a growing threat to public health and will continue to generate increasingly severe impacts on the health of our communities. Leaders in the fields of domestic and global health such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Public Health Association and the World Health Organization have identified addressing the impacts of climate change on human health as a major priority and the need for those working in public health and related fields to be trained to address this mounting threat. This program provides the foundational knowledge and accessible tools participants need so that they are able to: 1) understand the health impacts of climate change; 2) develop strategies to help their communities reduce the health consequences of climate change and prevent greater morbidity and mortality; and; 3) communicate the health-related risks of climate change effectively to the public and policymakers and motivate changes in climate-related behaviors.

How long does the program take to complete?

The program is 18 weeks and consists of three six-week courses that run consecutively. For course start and end dates, please see the program schedule.

How will I interact with course faculty?

Each week you will interact with course directors and discussion leaders through real-time, video-based discussion sessions. The required small group sessions will be open only to your small group of 15 or fewer learners who will meet each week for an in-depth discussion that builds on the topics addressed in the week's lectures and readings.

Will I need to come to the Yale campus in New Haven to participate in the certificate?

No, all components of the certificate program are online; there will be no residential requirements.

What is the experience like?

You will experience a blend of asynchronous (content viewed at your own pace) and synchronous (live discussions with faculty and peer) instruction to ensure a rich learning experience while providing the flexibility you need to balance coursework with your career. Asynchronous content will consist of video-based lectures, in-video quizzes, asynchronous discussion with peers and faculty, readings, and assignments. Synchronous content will consist of 1-hour required weekly small discussion groups of 15 or fewer students with course faculty and peers. Real-time discussions are conducted via Zoom video conferencing software.

Does this program offer credit?

The program does not offer academic credit. However, this activity has been approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ and it will be offered for all courses in the program.

Must I complete all three courses to earn the certificate?

Yes. If space permits, students may be accepted to take an individual course in the program. However, to be eligible to receive the certificate, participants must successfully complete all three courses. Successful completion of each course includes:

  • Watching all required lecture videos
  • Completing all course assignments satisfactorily
  • Actively participating in the weekly discussion boards, and 
  • Attending the weekly real-time small group discussion sessions

How many times per year is this program offered?

This program will enroll participants two times per year in the spring (February or March) and in the fall (September).

What is the cost of attendance for the Climate Change and Health certificate program?

The total cost for the certificate program is $2,000. The cost for a single course is $900. Please review the program costs page for further detail.

Are scholarships or discounts available?

Yes, please review the Scholarship and Tuition Assistance section of our program costs page for all the details.

What technology/computer specifications do I need to complete the certificate?

To participate in the Climate Change and Health Certificate, you will need consistent access to a computer, laptop, mobile device, or tablet capable of playing audio and video. To participate in live sessions, your device must be equipped with a camera and a microphone. This can be built-in, USB plug-in, or wireless Bluetooth. If using a computer, we recommended that it be 5 years old or newer when possible. If you enroll in the program, we will provide you with a list of technology recommendations before the program starts.