CCHI Program


  • Climate Change and Health Pre-Doctoral Fellowships: CCHI provides full funding to two doctoral students whose interests focus on climate change and health.
  • Graduate course on climate change and health:  A course entitled “Climate Change, Energy Systems, and Public Health” will be taught in Fall 2016.
  • Undergraduate seminar course on climate change and health: This course will also be taught in Fall 2016.
  • Climate change and health case study: CCHI is developing an interdisciplinary case study for Yale School of Public Health students that we will make available to public health schools nationwide.
  • Summer internships on climate change and health: Each year CCHI awards three summer internships for MPH students focused on climate change and health.


  • Speaker series on climate change and health: Prominent climate change and health researchers come to Yale to share their work and meet with students and faculty.
  • Climate Change and Health Pilot Research Grants: To stimulate research, each year CCHI makes an award to a faculty member for a project focused on climate change and health.


  • Climate Change Leader in Residence: Each year a global leader working to address climate change comes to Yale for several days to lecture, meet with students, and serve as a resource for faculty.
  • Climate Change Leadership Training Workshop: Each year CCHI conducts a weekend workshop to provide committed students with leadership skills to address climate change, with an emphasis on health.


The Yale Climate Change and Health Initiative is supported by a generous grant from the Overlook International Foundation. Its directors, Richard and Dee Lawrence, also co-founded Cool Effect, a new program that identifies some of the best carbon emission reduction projects in the world and makes it simple for supporters to donate.
Malia Carpio

Malia Carpio, MPH '15, MEM '16, preserves tick samples for her thesis work on tick-borne disease ecology. The range and incidence of many vector-borne diseases are shifting due in part to climate change.