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Center for Methods in Implementation and Prevention Science (CMIPS)

Yale School of Public Health's new Center for Methods in Implementation and Prevention Science (CMIPS) was created to develop and disseminate innovative methodologic approaches to address these implementation gaps and directly improve health outcomes worldwide.

A mere 14 percent of biomedical research is ever translated into practice, and among these 17 years pass on average from the time a research article is submitted to eventual implementation. Cervical cancer, for example, is now uncommon in North America and Western Europe, but it remains a leading cause of cancer mortality among women in low- and middle-income countries. Similar patterns exist for HIV/AIDS and other diseases.

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CMIPS beyond Yale

  • Rafael Perez-Escamilla , PhD, Professor of Public Health (Social and Behavioral Sciences), Yale School of Public Health, Invited Kellogg Prize for Lifetime Achievements in International Nutrition Award Lecturer at Nutrition 2021 Conference in Boston, MA