Brain Tumors, Genomics and the Quest for Answers

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  • Peril in the air: Linking traffic pollution and infant health
  • Medical conversations are being lost in translation
  • Heart attacks and depression linked
  • Ballots and boosters program goes nationwide
  • Drawn to the light (emitting diode)


Genomics, innovation and global public health—not strange bedfellows - Peter A. Singer, M.D., M.P.H. '90, directs the McLaughlin-Rotman Centre for Global Health, University Health Network and University of Toronto.


The Tumor Connection

Ongoing research seeks to find the cause of the most common, though poorly understood, form of brain tumor.

Tracking 100,000 Children

Yale is participating in one of the largest epidemiological studies ever attempted.

A Conversation with Josephine Hoh

Probing the human genome for the origins of disease

In the Lab
  • Genomics provides insights into the link between health and academic performance
  • Do clocks matter in human cancers? Research shows they might

Promoting Global Health

An international conference at Yale this spring will host health professionals from countries overcoming the odds.

Where the Ticks Are

A soon-to-be-released online map will detail the location and density of ticks that carry Lyme disease throughout the eastern United States.


A summer plying the Brahmaputra


  • Confronting torture
  • New administration inspires hopes for public health
  • From New Haven to Addis Ababa, again and again
  • Alumni News

YSPH Notes

  • Challenge fund doubles donor gifts to school
  • YSPH library enters the virtual age
  • A state-of-the-art lab for combating lethal diseases
  • Symposium explores "new agenda" for Washington
  • $11 million grant allows Yale to fight AIDS on many fronts
  • Research on hospital hierarchy awarded for originality
  • Yale-Tsinghua partnershp to benefit Chinese women
  • Exercise and cancer study funded with $7 million grant
  • Havard's dean of public health visits Yale


A life dedicated to public health


Demystifying public health for minority high schoolers