Summer of Service: Photo Essays

As classes come to an end each spring, scores of Yale School of Public Health students fan out around the globe to complete their internship project. Usually lasting 10 to 12 weeks, the internship is a defining experience for most students, exposing them to real-world challenges and giving them a chance to directly apply what they have learned in the classroom. It is, in the words of Dean Paul D. Cleary, a chance “to make a difference in the lives of people.”
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Jonathan Smith MPH '11

Jonathan Smith, MPH '11, investigated how contextual factors influence HIV and TB vulnerabilities among migrant laborers, specifically gold miners.

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Katrina Sohrakoff

Katrina Sohrakoff addressed a variety of management issues at St. Paul's Specialized General Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia' capital.

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Benjamin Simms, MPH '11

Benjamin Simms, MPH '11, examined whether nutritional status played a role in children infected with hookworm in Ghana.

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Karen Payne, MPH '11

Karen Payne, MPH '11, worked with colleagues in Colombia to develop a test for the detection of cutaneous leishmaniasis.

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Roland Dimaya, MPH '11

Roland Dimaya, MPH '11, assessed health and education programs for children in Laos and studied the government’s response to nurse migration in the Philippines.

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Margo Klar, MPH '11

Margo Klar, MPH '11, investigated indoor air pollution from cooking stoves and its effect on respiratory symptoms in Honduras.

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Elyssa Gelmann, MPH '11

Elyssa Gelmann, MPH '11, studied the effects of maternal arsenic exposure through drinking water in Romania.

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Nevada Griffin, MPH '11

Nevada Griffin, MPH '11, worked with UNICEF in Panama to develop an online survey tool to measure children’s rights and health issues.

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Kalina Duncan, MPH '11

Kalina Duncan, MPH '11, helped to develop a clinician exchange and educational program in Rwanda.

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Jeremy Steglitz, MPH '11

Jeremy Steglitz, MPH '11, examined the mental health and coping strategies of HIV-positive adults in Tanzania.

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Jenna Kruger, MPH '11

Jenna Kruger, MPH '11, studied the complex relationship between hospitals and various levels of government in California and the United States.

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Mia Kanak, MPH '11

Mia Kanak, MPH '11, researched the impact of community health centers on access to health care in rural areas of China.