Around the World: Photo Essays

Scores of Yale School of Public Health students fan out around the globe each spring to complete their internship project. Usually lasting 10 to 12 weeks, the internship is a defining experience for most students, exposing them to real-world challenges and giving them a chance to directly apply what they have learned in the classroom. It is, in the words of Dean Paul D. Cleary, a chance “to make a difference in the lives of people.”
headshot - mcinnis

Megan McInnis - India

Megan McInnis explored how stigma and gender identity are correlated with mental health problems in India.

headshot - zonderman

Anna Zonderman - United Kingdom

Anna Zonderman implemented a longitudinal EEG study of children in England.

Headshot - Aspinwall

Sarah Aspinwall - D.C.

Sarah Aspinwall worked in Washington, D.C., on the National School Lunch Program.

headshot - hill

Drew Hill - Guatemala

Drew Hill examined the link between cook stoves and indoor air pollution in Guatemala.

headshot - shao

Stephanie Shao - D.C.

Stephanie Shao investigated the role that diet plays in lung carcinogenesis in Maryland.

headshot - lamonaca

Katherine LaMonaca - Haiti

Katherine LaMonaca researched conditions in three rural Haitian prisons.

headshot - hamid

Sarah Hamid - American Somoa

Sarah Hamid worked on a diabetes control and management intervention in American Samoa.

headshot - loftfield

Erikka Loftfield - New York

Erikka Loftfield analyzed data from the Heart Follow-Up Study in New York City.

headshot - Dandorf

Stewart Dandorf - Ecuador

Stewart Dandorf assessed barriers to HIV testing in rural Ecuador.

Headshot - Asare

Simone Asare - Ghana

Simone Asare explored the relationship between nutrition, malaria and anemia among children in Ghana.

Headshot - Gibson

Britton Gibson - South Africa

Britton Gibson developed a program for a mobile clinic that provides HIV screening in South Africa.

headshot - garrity

Kristen Garrity - New York

Kristen Garrity examined small businesses and health insurance in New York City.

headshot - kushner

Kimberly Kushner - New York

Kimberly Kushner analyzed medical records in New York City to improve the health of employee populations. 

headshot tammer

Roza Tammer - Connecticut

Roza Tammer collected data to help predict and prevent opioid deaths in Connecticut.

Headshot - Tsang

Luisa Tsang - Connecticut

Luisa Tsang addressed health policy issues at a Connecticut hospital.

headshot Abid

Zaynah Abid - New York

Zaynah Abid provided support to a climate-change epidemiology team in New York City.