Britton Gibson - South Africa

Britton Gibson

Internship location: Grabouw, Western Cape, South Africa
Career goal: Physician and researcher in health care access and interventions that overcome barriers to health 

Internship summary:
I conducted a needs assessment that looked at the medical, social and behavioral practices within Grabouw’s communities. I also helped develop a primary care program for a mobile clinic that provided screening for HIV, tuberculosis, hypertension, diabetes and sexually transmitted infections.  I worked on a study to determine the current early childhood education capacity of Grabouw and the need for expanding early childhood services and participated in a sports club that used athletics to promote health, hygiene and mental and emotional well-being.

Value of experience:
My internship helped to reinforce the importance of community engagement and further developed my understanding of the intricacies of community-based programs. Working in these various communities allowed me to see the breadth of needs and to listen to the opinions of individuals on the strengths and weaknesses of their particular community.

Best moment:
I lived on a farm that provided a home for 10 children infected or affected by HIV. Some of the greatest moments involved spending time with these children and discovering their unique and fun-loving personalities.

Britton Gibson - South Africa