Luisa Tsang - Connecticut

Luisa Tsang

Internship location: Derby, Conn.
Career goal: To work in hospital administration and go to medical school. I want to incorporate health care management training with a career in clinical medicine.

Internship summary:
I worked at Griffin Hospital as a Quality Improvement Management Intern. The scope of my internship projects addressed health policy issues (cost control, quality improvement and improving access to care); health management aspects (running meetings, team-based care, conflict resolution and the best use of staffing); and individual clinical preventive medicine and social/behavioral factors (patient engagement and behavior modification). Specifically, my projects included: 1) designing and writing policies for Griffin outpatient clinics to transition to a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), 2) coordinating and executing medication refill procedures to increase efficient physician work flow, and 3) analyzing bottlenecks in patient access to the clinics.

Value of experience:
My internship at the Griffin Faculty Practice Plan within Griffin Hospital was invaluable for my professional development both in terms of gaining experience in health care administration and, even more importantly, in how to be an effective manager. This internship allowed me directly experience what strategic planning looks like for a health care organization and how to implement the plans in practice. Combined with opportunities to attend board meetings, share management insights with my preceptor and shadow different executives, this internship allowed me to try different leadership styles, initiate quality improvement ideas and realize the importance of rapid cycle improvement.

Best moment:
The opportunities to delve into quality improvement projects and be a part of the observing, planning and implementing process. It was a great feeling to see our work being utilized by the staff and that we were making progress toward becoming more patient-centered.