2012 YSPH World Tour

More than 100 Yale School of Public Health students fanned out around the globe—to 26 countries total—to complete their 2012 internship. It is a defining experience for most M.P.H. students, exposing them to real-world challenges and giving them the opportunity to directly apply their coursework. Students spent 10 to 12 weeks working in urban slums, remote and rural regions and in hospitals and communities as nearby as New Haven and as far as Bhutan. The internship is, in the words of one returning student, "life-changing."
  • Margaret Lippitt - Liberia

    Margaret did qualitative research on drug and alcohol use among youth in Monrovia, Liberia.
  • Raj Kumar - Houston, Texas

    Raj worked on a traumatic brain injury classification system project.
  • Kristine Gauthier - Salvador, Brazil

    Kristine examined dengue fever transmission in the urban community of Pau da Lima in Salvador, Brazil.
  • Kelly Foss - Bridgeport, Connecticut

    Kelly worked with the planning and marketing team at Bridgeport Hospital.
  • Eileen Huang - Cluj-Napoca, Romania

    Eileen determined the prevalence of Methicilin-resistance Staphylococcus aureus colonization among swine workers in Transylvania.
  • Jasmine Carver - Port-au-Prince, Haiti

    Jasmine studied social support and sexual risk behaviors among Haitian teenagers.
  • Kimberly Lay - Salvador, Brazil

    Kimberly conducted a study on Vitamin K deficiency and risk of severe pulmonary hemorrhage syndrome.
  • Eugene Lee - Switzerland

    Eugene conducted a survey on building/strengthening research capacities in low- and middle-income countries.
  • Israel M. Labao - Chicago, Illinois

    Israel worked on several management projects at a Chicago children’s hospital.
  • Rebecca Distler - Suva, Fiji

    Rebecca worked with the WHO to promote better health in schools.
  • Krysta Peterson - Salvador, Brazil

    Krysta developed and implemented a study in food insecurity in an urban slum community. 

  • Adam VanDeusen - Kumasi, Ghana

    Adam VanDeusen researched the cost-effectiveness of expanded therapy for HIV-positive women.
  • Amelia Reese Masterson - Beirut, Lebanon

    Amelia interviewed and assessed female refugees from Syria who have fled to neighboring Lebanon.