Sarah Ali - Kampala, Uganda

Kampala, Uganda

Here, I stand in front of the source of the Nile, which runs northward from Lake Victoria in Uganda.

Career goal: To work at the intersection between nutrition and non-communicable disease research and policy

Internship outline: Sarah interned with the Global Health Leadership Institute (GHLI) and a newly formed non-profit called the Uganda Initiative for the Integrated Management of Non-Communicable Diseases (UINCD). The delegation consisted of staff from the Ministry of Health, Mulago Hospital, Makerere University and Yale University and aimed to implement a non-communicable diseases integrated management program. The program will be scaled-up throughout the country. Sarah served as a project manager for the integrated management pilot, developed methodology for the pilot study and helped to organize a forum for the delegation to set a 5-year strategy.

Value of experience

My first experience working abroad, this internship made my classroom experiences tangible. It taught me about working in a totally unfamiliar setting with people from diverse backgrounds. This experience provided a personal connection between my work and the people who my work was meant to affect. Beyond my work, I was excited to learn about Ugandan culture and to travel to different countries in Africa. I hope to continue working on this project and return to Uganda one day!

Best moment/experience: I was struck by the kindness of Ugandans who, upon meeting me, would invite me for tea or share their wedding photos, showing me the same hospitality as a family member and even referring to me as “sister” or “daughter.” One of my teammates even invited me to visit his village where I received a Ugandan name, “Nakamate!”

Funding source:  Yale Global Health Leadership Institute (GHLI)

Sarah Ali