Jordan Emont - Tuvalu


A final view of most of the island of Funafuti as my flight takes off to return to Fiji.

Career goal: Epidemic intelligence service officer

Internship outline: Jordan spent the summer researching an outbreak of diarrheal disease as it relates to a recent drought on the island nation of Tuvalu in the South Pacific.

Value of experience: This internship opened me up to the enormous gap that exist between what is studied scientifically in public health and what is actually feasible in resource limited settings.

Best moment/experience: My favorite day was when we went to Funafala, the southern part of the main island of Funafuti to plant mangrove trees to curb soil erosion into the ocean. Funafala is the epitome of a deserted pacific island but has 30 permanent residents. It was the most secluded place I have ever been in the world.

Jordan Emont