Jina Li - Geneva, Switzerland

Career goal: Using real data and analysis to influence policy decisions on health systems and environment.

Internship outline: Jina interned at the World Health Organization. Under the Cost-Effectiveness, Expenditure, and Priority Settings unit, she had the opportunity to work extensively on data sets using statistical methods and inference. The work enables staff members to obtain economic evaluations on interventions and treatments of the disease of interest — which influences policy decisions — and health and regulation guidelines. Additionally, she had opportunities to attend the World Health Assembly, and explored other health-related organizations such UnitAID, Fondation Brocher and PATH.

Value of experience: My first project required missing value imputation, which I had little prior knowledge. I was a little intimidated but after reading numerous papers and experiencing dozens of failed attempts trying to apply different methods, I was able to churn out a decent product. Although the dataset would go on helping people throughout the organization and beyond to make cost-effective decisions, the value of this project for me lies in the fact that I was able to learn and apply, by myself. In university settings, we usually only learn, with aid. At WHO, the dataset was real and the papers were difficult to read. I gained a lot more confidence after the project, a feeling that is much needed in order to be successful in everyday life. 

Best moment/experience: When my preceptor told me my work is much appreciated and valued.

Funding source: Dull Family Summer Fellowship and YSPH Regulatory Affairs Track

Jina Li