Shae Selix - San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA

ChemRisk is in the financial district of San Francisco, where most professionals dress business casual.

Career goal: Consultant or data-scientist

Internship outline: Shae's work at ChemRisk involved a combination of a self-directed research project as well as public health practice in a private sector environment. ChemRisk provides health risk assessment consulting services to companies that deal with toxic chemicals, like asbestos, benzene, diacetyl and radiation. Their scientists from toxicology, epidemiology and industrial hygiene both help with the planning of potentially dangerous occupational environments as well as provide litigation support as lawsuits arise related to these issues. Shae provided support in data analysis, exposure reconstruction and epidemiology for several of ChemRisk’s clients and worked on a meta-analysis of lung cancer incidence/mortality in oil refinery workers, which will become his masters thesis.

Value of experience: I really feel like I gained practical experience that put the courses I learned in my first year in real-world context. I also learned business skills that will be useful in any environment.

Best moment/experience: In the last week of my internship, I delivered results for the meta-analysis, which my supervisor and I developed into an abstract that has been accepted for conference presentation.

Funding source: Stolwijk Fellowship and ChemRisk

Shae Selix