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2019 Internship Slideshows

  • Uzma Amin worked at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) as a healthcare experience design intern within the Center for Excellence in Primary Care (CEPC).
  • Downs Fellow McKenzie Colt worked on pharmacokinetic study looking at the safety and interactions with an extended exposure to malaria medication in both HIV infected and HIV uninfected children.
  • Nicolas worked in operations in many departments of the medical center.
  • Nükte Goc interned with YSPH's Global Health Leadership Institue on the  Expanded Program on Immunization Leadership and Management Program (EPI LAMP).
  • Tiffany Hu interned with National Committee for Quality Assurance in their Performance Measurement team within their Quality Measurement and Research Group
  • Jing Jing worked in marketing for uniQure, a gene therapy pharmaceutical company.
  • Harry Hyunteh Kim studied behavioral and environmental factors that may be tied to risk factors for hookworm infection in rural, agrarian Ghana.
  • Lisa Michaels worked with the consulting firm, Deloitte, in strategy and operations.
  • Emily Miron interned in the Community Health Department at Yale New Haven Health System.
  • Adam J. Moore collected and processed samples for a malaria study in Senegal with the Institute Pasteur.
  • Ria Rungta worked as a Social Impact and Innovation Intern at a non-profit startup called Ignite Mental Health.
  • Bethany Sanchez worked on an air quality study in Beijing.
  • Peiyuan Sun did environmental-related research at the Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital in the Shunyi District of Beijing.
  • Nkandu Yumbe's research in Barbados examined Intimate Partner Violence, Colorism and Stress Coping.
  • Kevin Zheng worked on a study to identify metabolites associated with the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes in HIV patients.