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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my research publicized?

Send a copy of your pending research paper as early as possible (more than a month before publication is not too soon) In turn, we will: 

  1. Discuss appropriate placement and develop a draft article/release 
  2. Give the draft to you for review prior to release 
  3. Distribute the article to all or some of the venues discussed previously 
  4. Work with you to coordinate any press interviews
How do I get my event photographed?
If the communications staff is covering your event, we will provide photography or hire a photographer. For other events, we can refer you to reliable freelance photographers.
How do I get my event listed on the flyerboard in the lobbies of 60 and 47 College?
Events on the flyerboard are pulled from the School's online calendar. See calendar instructions
How do I get a headshot taken?

Faculty photoshoots are scheduled several times a year through the YSM Communications office. Contact to be notified the next time there is a shoot.

Do I need photo releases to use photos on my website?

In order to display images on your site, you must have permission from the people who are photographed. Verbal and/or written permission given by the subject at the time of photography is fine, unless the subject is a patient in which case a HIPAA Media Release form must be signed by the patient.