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More about the YSPH Covid-19 Pandemic Response

  • Combatting Vaccine Hesitancy One Step at a Time

    Top Yale professors shared their strategies this week for combating vaccine hesitancy, myths and misinformation in a panel discussion moderated by Vanessa Kerry, a senior fellow at the Yale Jackson Center for Global Affairs.

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  • COVID Project Builds Bridges Across Yale Schools

    It has been generations since a world event enveloped us all in a shared trauma that motivates so many people to volunteer their time, shift career priorities and do their part. The COVID-19 pandemic’s lack of respect for borders and boundaries has also led to innovative and collaborative new partnerships for public health and the Yale community.

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  • Covid-19 in Connecticut Public Schools

    Nearly all Connecticut schools closed after the onset of COVID-19 in the spring of 2020. But starting this past fall, state policy makers and school officials have been increasingly focused on getting as many students physically back into the classroom as possible, citing benefits to student education, mental health, and socialization. Keeping students in schools safely depends upon the levels of transmission found within individual schools and in the broader community. In Connecticut, individual school districts have made autonomous decisions about their learning models, often changing weekly to an in-person, hybrid or remote model in response to local conditions. State officials have characterized in-school outbreaks as rare, despite the numbers and patterns of reported cases. The independence of Connecticut public school districts has also produced inequitable access to the facilities and services needed to safely return to school during a pandemic.

    Source: Yale COVID Mapping Initiative
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  • Yale-designed COVID-19 test SalivaDirect reaches 100 labs

    As people increasingly return to schools, sporting events, concerts, and other public gatherings, it’s more essential than ever to have fast, low-cost, easy COVID-19 testing, said Anne Wyllie, associate research scientist in epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health (YSPH).

    Source: Yale News
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  • Planning for a Pandemic: A Biden COVID-19 Advisor Shares Perspective

    Katz, who graduated from the Yale School of Public Health in 1998, now serves as an advisor for the Biden administration’s COVID-19 task force. She told an online gathering at the Yale School of Public Health on Feb. 25 about the lessons that should be learned about the current pandemic — and the ways in which public health leaders can prevent another one.

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  • Burnout, Alcohol, PTSD: Health Workers Are Suffering

    A Yale School of Public Health survey of thousands of health workers suggests worrying rates of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder amid a growing pandemic. And in their new paper, the researchers now have the numbers to prove it.

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