Fellowship Program Support

Foresight and generosity led Dr. Downs to create an endowment that supports student travel and research abroad. Annual donations from his family, friends and colleagues, and the abiding interest and support of the administration and faculty nurture the growth and remarkable success of the Fellowship. Yearly contributions from Alumni Downs Fellows, The Hartley Foundation, the Waksman Foundation for Microbiology, and matching funds from the Dean of Medicine permit the CIH to award as many as 15 fellowships a year.

Additional support for Downs Fellows comes from the Yale School of Medicine Office of Student Research, host institutions, national and international sponsors. A worldwide network of researchers, some of whom are established collaborators in research with members of the Yale faculty, provides logistical, intellectual, and cultural guidance for Downs Fellows. Investigators overseas who advise Downs Fellows add critical strength and vitality to the program.

With your financial support, we will be able to ensure that this important health program continues to flourish and that we will be able to help Yale students have the same experiences that you remember and draw upon in your professional lives. 

To make a gift:

  • Credit Card:  You can make a credit card gift here. Choose "Make a Gift..." and follow the prompts to complete your transaction.   Please add "Downs Fellowship" on page one when asked "Please tell us anything you would like us to know about your gift".
  • Check:  You can mail a check, made payable to Yale University, with "Downs Fellowship" in the memo to: Nancy Da Silva, Yale School of Public Health, 47 College Street, New Haven, CT  06520”