Jan A. J. Stolwijk Fellowship

The Stolwijk Fellowship is annually awarded to any 1st year MPH student to support a summer research project or internship related to environmental health sciences. 

The fellowship was established to honor the life and work of Dr. Jan A.J. Stolwijk Ph.D., Professor Emeritus and former Chair of Epidemiology and Public Health. Dr. Stolwijk is known for his contributions to environmental policy and risk management and particularly for his work on thermophysiology and indoor air quality.

Since 2000, this fellowship has funded 82 students (with representation from each YSPH department) for an average award of $2,779.
The Stolwijk Fellowship provides support for projects that explore innovative and creative approaches to environmental public health issues, in particular:

  • Hypothesis-driven research
  • Field experience or experiential learning project 
  • Environmental health policy or applied intervention project

Application Process

Students apply for the Stolwijk Fellowship through the Yale Grants & Fellowships database.  Search for “Yale School of Public Health Summer Internship Awards” and continue through the application process. When prompted, select “Yes” for Stolwijk.  

Deadline for applying: March 27, 2019.

For additional information, contact: Prof. Nicole Deziel (203-785-6062) OR Damaris Faustine (203-785-7192).

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