Jan A. J. Stolwijk Fellowship

The Stolwijk Fellowship is annually awarded to up to 7 qualified students completing their first year in the Master of Public Health (MPH) Program. This award is intended to support a summer research project or internship related to environmental health sciences. 

The fellowship was established to honor the life and work of Dr. Jan A.J. Stolwijk Ph.D., Professor Emeritus and former Chair of Epidemiology and Public Health. Dr. Stolwijk is known for his contributions to environmental policy and risk management and particularly for his work on thermophysiology and indoor air quality. The Stolwijk Fellowship Committee seeks applicants who exemplify Professor Stolwijk’s commitment to: a) exploring innovative and creative approaches to assess the impact of environmental risks on human health and b) developing effective policies to mitigate human exposure to those exposures and risks. 

Since 2000, this fellowship funded 67 students (with representation from each YSPH department) for an average award of $2,700. The projects have resulted in 12 peer-reviewed publications to-date (with others in preparation) and have also indirectly helped to support YSPH faculty research initiatives by providing pilot data for larger research proposals.

Student candidates for the Stolwijk Fellowship

  • Should be a 1st year MPH student in any YSPH department 
  • Will demonstrate experience and interest in environmental health sciences and exhibit potential for exploring creative approaches to environmental public health issues, by proposing a project related to environmental health

Projects Supported by the Stolwijk Fellowship

  • Hypothesis-driven research project 
  • Field experience or experiential learning project 
  • Environmental health policy or applied intervention project

Application Requirements:

  • Students must apply by the YSPH Funding Application Deadline (March 29, 2017).
  • The Stolwijk Fellowship Application includes a short detailed research/project plan and a proposed budget with justification. 
  • A list of current and completed environmental health and other YSPH courses, an updated resume and written approval from your faculty advisor are required.

The application can be found on the Yale Grants & Fellowships database.  Search for “Yale School of Public Health Summer Internship Awards” Continue through the application process; and when prompted, Select “Yes” for Stolwijk. 

In-person interviews will be conducted in mid-April. 

Decisions will be announced soon after the interview. 

For additional information, contact: Prof. Vasilis Vasiliou (203-737-8094) OR Damaris Faustine (203-785-7192).

Dates to Remember - Spring 2018

Friday, 1/19: Lunchtime chat – Fellows to present their work to the first year students 

Thursday, 2/8: Research in Progress – Fellows to present to the Stolwijk committee 

Sunday, 3/25: Write the best application you can, and submit it by this date to Dr. Canny at Priscilla.Canny@yale.edu

Tuesday, 3/27: Dr. Canny will be available between 12:00-4:00pm at 60 College street (LEPH), 5th floor, Room 513 to meet with applicant for a half hour consultation to review and advise. Email Dr. Canny for available slots. 

Thursday, 3/29: Completed applications are due. Applications can be found on the Yale Grants and Fellowships database. 

Tuesday, 4/3: In-person interviews will be schedule with the Stolwijk Fellowship Committee